Bitcoin Money by Michael Caras


Ministry of Nodes Review

Bitcoin Money comes across as a children’s book, but is intended for both children and adults. The book explains in a simple way how money has evolved over time since bartering. The author conveys, through various fictional characters, the flaws in the monetary systems the residents of Bitville have used in the past and ultimately looks to Bitcoin as the solution to the problems faced. He cleverly introduces concepts such as ‘double coincidence of wants’ and ‘currency debasement’ without explicitly using those terms. Whilst classed as a fictional story, you cannot help but draw comparisons to the real world. Short, sharp and to the point, this book is fundamental to answering the question, ‘Why Bitcoin?’

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The kids in Bitville realize they need a tool to help them trade with each other. As they explore using different types of money, a strange boy moves to town and suggests a new idea…

Bitcoin Money is a story for all ages which helps answer the question “Why Bitcoin?”